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Bishop Baraga School in Cheboygan, MI

Current Students

Educating Children is Our Mission

When it comes to building a strong educational and spiritual foundation for your children, choosing the right school makes all the difference. Here at Bishop Baraga School in Cheboygan, MI, we can help your children become successful, God-fearing individuals. We are a Catholic school, but we welcome children from all walks of faith.

What sets us apart from other educational institutions is that we integrate the teachings of the Bible into our exceptional curriculum, providing our students with a well-rounded educational experience. In addition, we maintain a low teacher-student ratio to guarantee that we provide your children with the utmost care and undivided attention.

Guidelines for Students and Parents

One of our priorities is to ensure that all of our students and their respective parents are properly informed about our school. By doing so, we minimize the occurrence of inconveniences that are brought about by the lack of guidelines.

For your convenience, we have provided links to everything you and your child needs to know about our school and the upcoming academic year.

School Forms

Below is a list of frequently used school forms. If there is one we are missing, please let us know and we will add it to the collection.

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